Chinese Herbal Medicine

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand”- Chinese Proverb

Chinese herbs are an integral component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Customized combinations of medicinal herbal formulas can address a wide range of illness and diseases specific to each patient. Every herb exhibits unique properties and medicinal functions, and when combined precisely with other herbs, can work synergistically to maximize the intended therapeutic effects of each formula. Herbal formulas can strengthen and nourish the body, promote circulation, and normalize other imbalances that might result in disease.

At Revitalize Health Acupuncture, herbs are prescribed in either pill or powder form. Powders are dissolved in hot water and taken as a tea. Chinese herbal medicine is safe and effective, with minimal side effects. Acupuncture and herbal formulas can simultaneously treat different aspects of the same health issue. The incorporation of herbal medicine into your daily routine as an adjuvant treatment can augment and extend the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment. However, when patients are deficient in vital essences (including Qi, Blood, Yin, or Yang), herbal medicine can be administered as the more effective core treatment to nourish the body.

Taking herbal formulas represents an additional step towards a healthier lifestyle. TCM is as much about living well as it is about curing disease. By taking herbs in addition to regular acupuncture treatments, you are taking a pro-active role in maintaining and revitalizing your health and well-being.

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